Scott Laurie


Scott believes that there is more to life than money. He puts the clients deep seated values and goals first – ahead of simply making a return – by asking the most challenging question of all: “What is more important than money to you.”

Scott is one of only three qualified VALUES-BASED FINANCIAL PLANNING™ advisors in the United Kingdom, having successfully completed this training and education over a period of nine years in San Diego working with Bill Bachrach. He is an innovative financial planner with over 30 years experience. He was an early adopter of fee based financial planning in 1999 when he joined Paul Etheridge’s Prestwood Advanced Planner Group. Scott has wholly embraced lifetime cashflow modelling for clients since that time.

Since 1995 Scott has run his own independent financial planning firm based in Stirling. He is located together with his team at the University of Stirling Innovation Park.

Scott’s passion is training and working with his four dogs, the mountains and islands of Scotland, particularly the outstanding Isle of Harris. He and his wife Alison built their home there in 2008 and he manages to spend nearly all of his annual holidays there. The Isle of Harris Golf Open (the Tweed Jacket Open) is sponsored by Scott and Fell Financial Planning.