About Fell

The Fell stitch is the final stitch on a bolt of handwoven tweed or tapestry, it ties the fabric together. Our goal is to provide this stitch in the fabric of your life.

Modern life can pull the threads of your finances in conflicting directions between what you want, what you need, and what you can actually afford.

Based in Stirling, we here at Fell Financial Planning want to help you untangle these conflicting desires so you can know, with clarity, that you can afford to ensure your needs are met and furthermore, how to make your position work for you to obtain the things you want.

Traditionally, tapestries tell stories and in this way, every choice you make adds to the tapestry of your life. Whether it’s the big picture or a small detail, we want to help you create the tapestry of your life and fortify the story you want to tell.

– You are a financial delegator
– You are committed to developing a long-term plan
– You are enthusiastic about your future success and goals
– You are happy to share and explore new ideas
– You are working towards a lifestyle change or early retirement
– You are already retired

We can help you.

What Fell Can Do For You

Our Approach To Working With You

Step 1

Getting to Know You and Your Financial Roadmap Experience

Your Financial Roadmap

Your Values

Your Goals

Benchmark Your Current Financial Reality

Step 2

Your Agreement to Proceed

This is the point where you decide if you want to work with us and we decide if we can be of value to you

Step 3

Your Comprehensive Financial Plan

We will create your financial plan in line with your agreed objectives according to your values and goals

Our recommendations to you, on agreement, will be implemented

The On-Going Service To You

Bi-Annual Meetings

Your goal progress, your investment review, risks to your plan

Your annual review of your comprehensive financial plan

Annual Meeting

Your annual review of your comprehensive financial plan


Your Bespoke Service

Tailored exactly to your needs

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What Our Clients Say

“As an accountant I have always taken responsibility for our financial planning and investment. A few years ago I realised that I really did not have the time to gather the necessary knowledge to really do this well especially as we were approaching retirement. I was increasingly worried that I would get something really wrong which would impact on our desire to retire at 60.

Before any planning takes place Fell establishes what your life and financial goals are which really makes you think about what you really want to achieve in the future. At the end of this process we had a financial roadmap incorporating our retirement goals and an implementation plan outlining a number of strategies to achieve our aims which we considered in our own time until we were happy with the proposals.

The plan was actioned immediately making our financial welfare more efficient and stable. At least once a year we have a review meeting where we revisit our goals and any changes in our financial circumstances taking any recommended actions to move our plan forward.

We now enjoy our retirement secure in the knowledge that we can fund what we want to do without the worry of managing our finances, which we trust them to do for us.”

Mr and Mrs Rhododendron

“I sold my business in June 2010 and went around the houses to no avail. Banks, Building Societies etc. all they were interested in was investing my lump sum from the sale of my business and I was very wary. I was introduced to Scott in September 2010 and have been delighted with their personal attention ever since. I now feel I can enjoy my retirement.”

Mrs Brown

“My first contact with Scott Laurie related to a SIPP which was in a distressed state and going nowhere.

Within weeks we agreed a strategy based on my lifestyle needs and the SIPP has massively overachieved.

This has been done without the need to purchase stocks, shares or other financial policies. I am sure it is part of the ethos of values based financial planning.

I am also able to call on Scott and his team for their help and experience in a wide range of subjects such as recruitment, legal and tax matters.

This company understands what I need to succeed.”

Mr T

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