Lauren Pope

Administrative Manager

Lauren truly believes that things happen for a reason. One fateful day in her third year of university she was complaining to her best friend that she had no plan for the future, that she did not know where she was going next and that for all of her organisational drive, she could not seem to organise herself!

Call it luck or chance, but the very day before her friend had hosted Scott at the Stirling University Business Club entrepreneurial event. Her friend arranged for Scott to go through a Financial Roadmap Meeting, in the hope this would give Lauren some clarity. It is safe to say it did. Lauren walked out of the meeting with clear goals, her values apparent, a sense of accomplishment and a job offer to help others achieve their goals for the reasons most important to them. Who could ask for a better job?

Lauren joined Fell Financial Planning in 2014 and has since worked as the Administrative Manager. She is currently undertaking the RO exams to achieve a diploma in Regulated Financial Planning.

In her free time Lauren enjoys reading a good book, going for walks and exploring new surroundings.