Nicole Armstrong

Financial Planner

Nicole started working in financial services in 2004 and in 2005 she joined a well-known pension and investment provider. She worked with hundreds of IFAs and became disillusioned with the transactional nature of the business and heavy commission influence.

She joined Scott in 2007 and completing the Financial Roadmap was a revelation to her. The idea of working with a client to establish their values, develop their goals and recommend the best way of getting from a to b – it seemed so basic and intuitive now but at the time it was life changing and very different from how the majority of advisers worked. It is the reason she does what she does.

Her main role now is to crunch the numbers and formulate plans to allow clients to achieve their goals, taking into account their circumstances, risk appetite, tax position, and any legal or regulatory considerations. She works behind the scenes to allow Scott to focus on his clients.

The concept of the ‘Ideal Life’ is inherent in everything we do and extends to everyone on the team. Between careful planning and the use of technology she has the time to spend on the things that are important to her– family, travel, art, and various projects that take her interest from time to time. Nicole hopes Fell Financial Planning can do the same for you.