Fees and Costs

Our Financial Planning Service is fee based and can be broken down into three sections:

1) At our first meeting, with no cost to you except your time, we will help you identify your goals, objectives and through the Financial Roadmap Experience – Benchmark Your Current Reality give you clarity to know in which direction you wish to move.

2) Based upon your Benchmark, we will determine whether we can be of value to you and you decide if you want to work with us. We will discuss the Client Agreement, state our commitment to you and your commitment to your plan. You will determine which level of service you believe best suits your needs. We operate on a fixed fee basis as covered in the Client Agreement, so you will know with certainty the cost of our services and advice before we undertake work on your behalf. An initial payment will be taken to cover the cost of creating the plan itself.

3) We will create your financial plan in line with your agreed objectives according to your values and goals Our recommendations to you, on agreement, will be implemented. Should you instruct us to arrange investments or insurances, additional fees may be payable where they exceed the scope of your agreed service level. Please note that we have the facility to offset fees against commission where this is applicable.


Full details can be found in our Client Agreement which will be provided to you during the discussion of how you wish to proceed, before you determine whether you wish to use our services.